Tara Stanley, aged 33

Are you surprised the pandemic has lasted this long and with such devastating effect ?


Why do you think it has been so widespread here and globally ?

We didn't close our borders down and do enough early on when we saw how devastating the pandemic was elsewhere. We allowed people to fly in and just go home, unlike Australia who arranged quarantine hotels ASAP.

How well do you think the crisis has been handled ?

Badly. I think the vaccination rollout has been handled well but the actual crisis was handled terribly.

What lessons do you think we can learn ?

We should be constantly looking at new medicines and vaccines for future. We should be able to shut our borders and cope in lockdown situations quickly before viruses spread. Take a stance early rather than too late. We need to treat our NHS staff and frontline workers better.

What has been your biggest challenge over the last year ?

Medical appointments and operations cancelled (for obvious necessity). Being unable to meet family and friends even when out of lockdown and feel comfortable.

What has been your worst and best moment (s) ?

Worst: Christmas without my sister for the first time in my life. Best: Watching the vaccination rollout.

What has helped you keep you going ?

My dog.

Who are your heroes in all this ?

NHS workers.