Name and age at time of lockdown? Sue Joy 52

When did you first begin to realise that coronavirus was something out of the ordinary?

February 2020.

When and how did it first impact you in a significant way?

March 2020.

What were the biggest problems with coping with lockdown and how did you manage?

I was working for NHS Maidstone Hospital so not under lockdown as such; very difficult not being able to visit my family as very conscious about bringing the virus home.

Were there times you despaired?

Yes, lots of times; families crying outside the hospital as could not visit relatives or loved ones.

What keeps you / kept you going?

My NHS colleagues and family.

What was your lowest moment?

Seeing and hearing the ambulances coming in, Covid Wards being at full capacity.

What was your best / funniest moment?

Seeing the trust exec. team dancing to rap music.

Do you think the government is handling / handled the crisis satisfactorily?

No, they are too slow to respond.