Name and age at time of lockdown 

Steve Morecroft 51

When did you first begin to realise that coronavirus was something out of the ordinary?

Beginning of March 2020

When and how did it first impact you in a significant way?

100% home working and managing a team remotely

What were the biggest problems with coping with lockdown and how did you manage?

Lack of exercise & poor diet - I initiated an exercise regime and started managing calories

Were there times you despaired?

Yes - I became very fed up with being at home all the time and being constantly in video calls. Productivity now seems to be measured by how many virtual meetings one can attend in a day

What keeps you / kept you going?

Hoping things will ease

What was your lowest moment?

On the phone/video calls from 0815 to 1830 one day in July

What was your best / funniest moment?

Watching my new kitten grow up and being there to see it

Do you think the government is handling / handled the crisis satisfactorily?

Not particularly. They lack focus on scientific detail and put politics and dogma ahead of reason

Were you also affected by flooding on the night of February 9 and how have you coped with both problems?

Yes. I'm co-owner of the Dovecote Inn and I own one of the adjacent cottages, both of which were wrecked by the flood. Neither are fully repaired yet and restoration works at the Dovecote is progressing slowly due to the inertia of our landlords. Very frustrating.