SNIPPETS from the 1920s

Although the 'Roaring 20s' may have passed Capel by, there was still excitement of different kinds to be found within the parish boundaries...

February 1921 - CAPEL CRICKET CLUB 

The annual meeting was held at the Congregational Hall on Thursday. Mr. A. Burton presiding. Mr. C. Fiddis, (Treasurer) presented the statement of accounts, which showed a balance in hand of £1 (£30 today). The Secretary, Mr. H. Tully, reported that of the 13 matches played, 7 were won, 5 lost and 1 drawn (a tie). A. Mercer headed the batting averages, and S. Tully the bowling, taking 55 wickets for 354. Thanks were accorded the Rev. W. R. Holman for the use of the ground, and Mr. R. Wickens for presenting the Club with a roller and executing various repairs free of cost. Mr. W. Tolhurst was elected Captain; Mr. S. Tully, Vice-Captain; and Mr. H. Tully, Secretary


A most interesting and Instructive lecture was given in the Council Schools Wednesday evening by Mr A. W. Witt, of the Fruit Experimental Station. East Mailing. The lantern was lent for the occasion by the Rev. W. Holman, and was manipulated by his son, Mr. F. Holman. The great interest taken in this matter was shown by the large number of members of the Gardeners Society who were present. Mr. E. F. Looker, the Hon. Secretary the Society, made the necessary arrangements, which were carried out under the direction of the Tonbridge District Education Board.


Leonard Sturmer of Tudeley Hale, Capel, was summoned for indecently assaulting a child, aged 7 and a half years. Mr. F. B. Jevons defended. After a long hearing the Bench convicted, and bound Sturmer over for twelve months.

July 1921 - A NEST OF SNAKES: 

A lad of Five Oak Green, Capel was removing some bags whilst working at the Moat Farm when he disturbed a nest containing about 25 snakes. With assistance he succeeded in killing 22 of the reptiles.


A highly successful open-air whist drive and dance was held at Barham House on Thursday in aid of the funds of the Capel Cricket Club. Twenty-six tables were occupied for whist, and there was a large attendance. The fairy lamps amongst the trees, arranged by Miss Tolhurst, were very effective. All the refreshments were given by local friends. After these had been partaken of, there was dancing, which continued to a late hour. The East Peckham Orchestra, the members of which gave their services, played some choice music. Mr. Tolhurst, on behalf of the Club, thanked those present for attending in such large numbers, and Mr. Tapsfield moved a vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Thompsett for allowing them the use of their place and for the trouble they had taken, three cheers being heartily given.

October 1921 - CAPEL ISOLATION HOSPITAL: The Isolation Hospital Board agreed that the Hospital ambulance should be repaired at a cost of £28* as the vehicle, in its present condition, did not run straight. * About £820 today

December 1921 - TONBRIDGE HOSPITALS CUP: Capel vs Whitefriars Press. 

Capel were at home to the Whitefriars Press on Saturday in the First Round of the Tonbridge Hospitals Cup. At the outset both goals were visited in turn. J. Simmons put in a lovely cross-shot for Capel which the visiting goalie did well to clear. From now the Press appeared to advantage, and fine passing enabled them to put one to their account through Garrick, the home goalie fumbling a spinning ball. Very soon after number two was registered. Goodrich with a shot close in, the goalie having no chance. The half time score read Capel 0, Press 2. In the second half Capel pressed, but their luck seemed to be out. About ten minutes from time the visitors had a gift, the home goalie thought the ball was going wide but instead turned into the net. The Press thus won three-nil. From a spectators' point of view it was one of the cleanest games ever played on the Grange ground, only one foul occurring throughout the match.


Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone, Attendant and Nurse Matron at the Isolation Hospital Capel, applied for their salaries to be increased from £145 to £170* per annum. They were engaged in December 1920. The members interviewed Mrs. Johnstone who at the same time presented her report from which it appeared that eleven cases of scarlet fever and three of diptheria were under treatment in the Institution. During the past fortnight four patients had been discharged. On the proposition of Mr. Hills, seconded by Colonel Delamain, the increase of salary applied for was granted.                                      * Around £5,000 today

November 1927 - A successful dance arranged by the members of the Girls' Club was held at the Bridge Hall. Musical accompaniment included Mrs King on the piano and Mr King on the swanee whistle. 

December 1927 - The monthly meeting of the Capel-cum-Tudeley WI was held in the Institute, Five Oak Green, where a talk on "Ideal Clothes for Children" was given by Mrs Sprott. After tea there were games and singing.

January 1928 - Capel scored a huge 9-0 away victory over Hungershall. Although beaten so often, the home custodian nevertheless put up an excellent show saving numerous shots from all angles. The successful Capel marksmen were E. Montandon (3), J. Simmons. F. Powley, P. Cox. R. Powley. J. Avis and W. Hope.

February 1928 - A meeting of the Tudeley and Capel Women's Institute was held in the Bridge Hall, Five Oak Green, where Mrs W. Tolhurst presided. A demonstration on upholstery was given by Miss Harker.