SNIPPETS from the 1910s

In the decade that saw the world plunged into the Great War, the sons of Capel went off to the front but life, in part, also carried on as normal...

June 1901 - CAPEL: SUDDEN DEATH. At about five o'clock on the evening of Sunday, Charlotte Ann Cox, wife of Frederick Cox, a labourer living at Five Oak Green, Capel, died suddenly at her residence before medical aid could be obtained. The deceased was aged 56 years, and Dr. G. E. G. Metcalfe, Brenchley, attended her shortly before she passed away, and communicated with the Coroner (Mr. T. Buss), who deemed an inquest unnecessary.


The annual dance arranged Mr C. Earl, head gardener to Mr O. E. d'Avigdor Goldsmid, of Somerhill, was successfully held on Wednesday night at the Goldsmid Hall, Tudeley.

Mr Palmer, the butler, materially assisted in making the admirable arrangements and he, together with most of the indoor and outdoor servants, were present. Many friends from Tonbridge brought the number of the company to about 100. The hall had been gaily decorated with flowers, ferns and coloured draperies by the gardening staff, assisted by a few ladies.

Excellent music was provided by Mr N. J. Gale's band, and dancing lasted well into the "wee small hours." Mr W. Austin's catering for the supper gave complete satisfaction.


The Rev. E.N. Mellish, the curate who has been awarded the V.C. for gallantry at the Front, is well-known in Capel where he has for some years assisted in the mission to pickers during the hop-picking season.

November 1917

At the Tonbridge Petty Sessions, James Parferment, of Cox's Cottage, Five Oak Green, was fined five shillings (£20 today) for showing a light at gone midnight. Police Officer Ayres said it could be seen from 200 yards.

December 1917

Mrs Tully, of Rose Cottages, Five Oak Green, has received information that her husband, Private Albert Tully, 41, has developed trench fever and is in hospital in Newcastle. He was formerly a postman in the village.

January 1918

A very successful entertainment in aid of blind soldiers was given by children attending Tudeley Sunday School. The performance in Goldsmid Hall concluded with the sketch "Mrs Mulligatawny's Spring Cleaning."

February 1918

The Vicar of Tudeley, the Rev. G.L. Lachlan, his wife and family have been relieved to receive a letter from Germany from their second son, Hugh Robert. He had been officially reported as missing after action on November 30 but has survived shoulder and leg wounds, though he is a prisoner.

March 1918

Tricycle wanted: Pneumatic, low frame; must be perfect - and cheap. Queens Head, Five Oak Green.