Robert and Lynne Assirati (in our 70s)

Are you surprised the pandemic has lasted this long and with such devastating effect ?

No, we predicted on the basis of what we had read that there would be a big second wave and a lesser third one.

Why do you think it has been so widespread here and globally ?

The nature of pandemics (eg 1919) plus the much greater mobility and international travel.

How well do you think the crisis has been handled ?

Given the unpredictability, probably well - difficult to do international comparisons as every country is different (and vary in the accuracy of their data).

What lessons do you think we can learn ?

Be better prepared for the next one !

What has been your biggest challenge over the last year ?

Keeping fit and sane.

What has been your worst and best moment (s) ?

Actually a bit flat - a bit like hibernating.

What has helped you keep you going ?

Zooming with family and friends. Will we stop that now ?

Who are your heroes in all this ?

All front line workers and the vaccine scientists.

Any other comments ?

Be prepared for variants and an upsurge next winter - hopefully smaller.