Name and age at time of lockdown

Michael Perry. 63

When did you first begin to realise that coronavirus was something out of the ordinary?

February 24

When and how did it first impact you in a significant way?

Realised that I had to sell my stock market investments

What were the biggest problems with coping with lockdown and how did you manage?

We didn't have major problems. We went into self isolation with our family including two young grandchildren.

Were there times you despaired?


What keeps you / kept you going?

This is not a challenge for us - we are in a very fortunate position compared to many others.

What was your lowest moment?


What was your best / funniest moment?

Seeing my two year old grandson knocking down his toy dinosaurs and explain that it was because of the virus.

Do you think the government is handling / handled the crisis satisfactorily?

No. The level of UK deaths compare with other countries implies that they have not handled it as well as others. I suspect that they locked down too late and then not rigidly enough.

Were you also affected by flooding on the night of February 9 and how have you coped with both problems?

Not really. We did have a lot of water ingress through chimneys - but not really a problem.