October 1893


Five Oak Green cricket club's annual winding-up match took place on Wednesday when the married men played the singles. The contest was highly interesting but in the end the single men proved victorious. 

The match was followed in the King's Head by a meat tea and smoking concert which were both well attended. 

The captain of the nearby Tonbridge Cricket Club, Mr Tom Pawley, took the chair and many toasts were given. 

It is hoped that the advice of Mr Pawley will be always be  borne in mind by the members of the club -- "that a man should always play for his side and not merely for himself."

If Five Oak Green persevered in spite of their want of success thus far they would soon have a flourishing club.

The company included the Rev. G. L. Lachlan (captain),  Messrs. Looker, Dampicr, E. Shaw, H. Jones, J. Walls, W. J. White and many more.