From the Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser


Cecil Huggins, Finch Farm, Capel was summoned by Florence Humphrey, Capel who applied for an Affiliation Order. In this case the girl was 17 and the man 24. He wore the khaki, as he was serving in the Defence Corps. He served in the R.F.A.* for five years and returned to Capel where he was employed on farm work. Defendant: "I am willing to marry the girl, and have been all along, but her parents object." The Chairman (to applicant): "Why do your parents object?" Applicant: "Because I am too young."

The girl proved that Huggins had made payments towards birth expenses and since the birth. Mrs. Humphrey said Huggins had "a rotten, jealous temper" and corresponded with married women. Mrs. Eliza Kemp. Rose Cottage, Five Oak Green, widow, was called, and the Clerk questioned her about Huggins' attitude to women in the village. "Why he gives them smokes", she said. Defendant: "I wanted to marry before the child was born." Mr Gordon (to the mother): "Perhaps when your daughter is a little older you may withdraw your objection." Mrs Humphrey: "I don't think we can give our consent now."

The Bench made an Order for payment of 5s (about £7.50 today) per week until the child is 16 and 9s (about £13 today) costs.

*Royal Field Artillery

Footnote: The following article was found in the Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser of Friday 12 August 1921,

ADJOURNED: Cecil Huggins. Finch Farm, Capel, was charged with being in arrears to the amount of £4 6s. 6d.** on a child maintenance order. Defendant said he had been out of work, but was willing to pay. The Bench adjourned the case for one month to give Huggins an opportunity to pay.

** Approximately 4 month's of maintenance payments on the basis that the court costs were settled and suggests therefore nothing had been paid since the original court order.