Name: Liz Baker, 80

When did you first begin to realise coronavirus was something out of the ordinary? 

Early in March.

When did it first impact you in a significant way? 

Having to voluntarily self-isolate and then discovering that due to my health condition I had to shield.

How worried did you become? 

Pretty worried as (a) nobody was really sure how infectious it was and (b) there was a huge influx of sufferers in hospitals.

Are you still worried and why ? 

Not as much as I was as I have followed all the guidelines.

What were the biggest problems coping with lockdown? 

Not going out and being reliant on family and friends. Without hugs etc.

How did you manage? 

Very well due to family and friends

Were there times when you despaired ? 


During the first week in June. For some reason I was very down about it all

What kept you (keeps you) going ? 

There did seem to be solutions starting up.

What was your best/funniest memory? 

My garden tea party for my birthday, with guests in rota. It was my 80th and not quite as planned !

Do you think the government handled/is handling the crisis satisfactorily? 

I felt they didn't clarify instructions for self-shielding. Still not sure what happens in July/August

Please add anything else of your experiences during the pandemic. 

Boredom at times.

Were you also affected by flooding on the night of February 9?

 Only indirectly by being there for my neighbours. I was lucky and didn't actually get flooded but for those that did it was horrible and there are still no answers.