July 1874


John Stephens, of Capel, a threshing machine labourer, was summoned for being drunk, violent, refusing to quit the Queens Head and for damaging a door as well as being drunk on the highway.

Stephens did not appear but P.C. Whibley told the court that when he served the summons the defendant had remarked: "I don't suppose I shall be hanged."

Landlord Thomas Tulley said that on the day in question Stephens had called at the pub, commenced quarrelling with everyone present and pulled the door down. He then refused to leave.

P.C. Whibley said he later saw the defendant in a drunken state on the road.

The Bench fined Stephens a total of 12 shillings (about £60 today) with 24 shillings (£120) costs, including two shillings (£10) for damaging the door.