Don Foreman, aged 72

Are you surprised the pandemic has lasted this long and with such devastating effect ?

Disappointed and dismayed, perhaps, but not surprised.

Why do you think it has been so widespread here and globally ?

Because that's what viruses do. International travel, living in close proximity, failure to observe necessary restrictions.

How well do you think the crisis has been handled ?

In the US, very badly, in the UK probably as well as, or even better than, most other countries enjoying civil liberties.

What lessons do you think we can learn ?

As society, be prepared to observe necessary restrictions, think more of others, complain less, don't look for opportunities to score political points. Understand that anyone can be clever if blessed with hindsight.

What has been your biggest challenge over the last year ?

I have missed my usual social life.

What has been your worst and best moment (s) ?

Hardly a 'best moment', but I am thankful my mother is no longer alive as not being able to see each other would be a difficult burden to bear.

What has helped you keep you going ?

The support of friends and neighbours, being able to keep in touch with a wider circle via social media, and being able to work (subject to restrictions in force) on the Spa Valley Railway lineside.

Who are your heroes in all this ?

NHS staff, of course, the scientists who created the vaccines, and all those workers who have kept standard operating procedures, services etc. running. Plus - and I would say this whoever formed Her Majesty's Government - the Ministers who have had to deal to the best of their ability with an unprecedented crisis. Not heroes, perhaps, but deserving of appreciation.

Any other comments?

Very glad the end is in sight!