Below is a tribute from David Horbury, a close friend.

Don Foreman: Intelligent, funny, kind and resolutely English

Although he had an informed appreciation of royal history, Don Foreman was essentially an activist. He believed, passionately, in the benefits of monarchy and was an energetic promoter and defender of the institution, forging alliances and friendships with like-minded individuals and groups around the world. His letters, which appeared regularly in the UK national press, offered a valuable monarchist perspective on both historical and contemporary events.

Don had a particular interest in the burgeoning pro-monarchy groups of South-east Europe. In 1994 he travelled to Bulgaria and was present at the Rila Monastery when Queen Giovanna attended the reburial of the heart of King Boris. In 1995, at an event to mark the 50th anniversary of VE Day, he made the normally serious King Michael of Romania laugh out loud telling him of his (Don's) mother's passion for the young King in the late 1940s.

He was an able writer and published several book including the superbly researched Royal Visitors to Tunbridge Wells (1993) but Don had many other interests - he was involved in his local church; was a volunteer on the Spa Valley steam Railway; a Freemason and a keen supporter of Capel Cricket club.

Intelligent, funny, kind and resolutely English, he will be much missed by his many friends around the world and monarchy has lost an able and resourceful advocate.