Claire Songhurst,  52

When did you first begin to realise that coronavirus was something out of the ordinary?

When social distancing was introduced.

When and how did it first impact you in a significant way?

Our skiing holiday was cancelled

What were the biggest problems with coping with lockdown and how did you manage?

Not being able to see family and friends. I coped by video calls etc, but it's not the same.

Were there times you despaired?


What keeps you / kept you going?

Video calls, social distance walks and Zoom yoga!

What was your lowest moment?

Not being able to hug my daughter on her birthday

What was your best / funniest moment?

Family online quizzes - hilarious!

Do you think the government is handling / handled the crisis satisfactorily?

I think the government is between a rock and a hard place. This is a new situation for everybody