A couple who were living in Tudeley at the turn of the century and were married at the Parish Church have received a telegram from the Queen to mark their 65th wedding anniversary. 

They are Thomas and Florence Collins who were married on October 6 1900 and the record, of their marriage is contained the ancient church register. 

The present Vicar of CapeL the Rev. F. Forbes, said he had looked up the marriage entry made by the then vicar the Rev. R. Boggs in the register which  dates back to 1838. During the 127 years It has been used. 420 weddings have taken place at the church an average of just over three a year. 

 Many of the older entries are incomplete as many couples could not sign their names and were not sure of their ages. 

Mingling with them are the weddings of local and national gentry whose signatures are written in fine classical styles.