From The Kent & Sussex Courier - Friday 7 December 1951

Village Name Sign Poser for Parish Councillors

Is Tudeley-Capel? Or is Capel-Tudeley? This was the question which beset Capel Parish Council when it met on Monday and discussed the provision of name signs surmounted by the county crest.

The first suggestion was that there should be five signs - three for Five Oak Green and two for Tudeley. But councillors thought there should be one for Capel.

Mr Edwards suggested that as the whole parish was Capel, it might be better to use Capel signs. Other members pointed out that although the parochial area was known as Capel from the ecclesiastical point of view, part was Tudeley.

A further suggestion was that the boards should have Capel written on them with the name of the village underneath.

Eventually the Council decided that as the purpose of the signs was to inform visitors when they had entered the village, it would be better to use the name of the village or hamlet. The clerk was instructed to find out whether the County Council would be prepared to erect six signs which would include one for Capel and whether the price for the crest was still the same. The County Council has already told the Parish Council it cannot erect any signs until April, due to orders already on hand.