1. As what was the FOG Scout Hut originally known? - The Institute
  2. Who succeeded Sir Harry Goldsmid as Parish Council Chairman? - Kenneth Stinton
  3. In whose memory was All Saints' porch door installed? - James Teacher
  4. How many bells hang in Capel Church tower? - One
  5. Who was first headmaster of Capel School? - John Shorter


  1. What did the Sychem Lane Hospital become on closure? - A care home
  2. Who officially opened the Goldsmid Hall? - A G Boscawen M.P.
  3. When was the Tudeley Scout Group founded? - 1936
  4. What is the meaning of 'Whetsted'? - A place where wheat grows
  5. When did Father Wilson buy the Hoppers Hospital building? - 1913


  1. What was the cost of building the URC church? - £1050
  2. Where did Sir John & Lady Shaw live? - Kenward, Half Moon Lane
  3. Who was the miller at Badsell Mill? - Walter Skinner
  4. What happened to FOG resident Mr. Pitman in 1947? - He won the Football Pools
  5. As what is the Red Cow now known? - The Poacher & Partridge


  1. When did the Goldsmid family take up residence at Somerhill? - 1849
  2. Who in 1349 was the first named Vicar of Tudeley cum Capel? - John Englaton
  3. When was Capel Church vested in the Churches Conservation Trust? - 1986
  4. Who was first captain (& founder) of Capel Cricket Club? - Rev. G. Lachlan
  5. On which Tudeley farm were point-to-point races held in 1939? - Sherenden Farm


  1. What happened at Latter's Farm in July 1944? - The oast was destroyed by a doodlebug
  2. Why does the Mugridge tomb at Capel Church have railings? - To prevent grave robbing
  3. Who wrote about Capel in his 1793 'Survey of Kent'? - Edward Hasted
  4. When was the house 'The Postern' built? - 1757
  5. Where will you find 'The Dip Hole'? - Whetsted Farm


  1. Who was the first chairman of Capel Country Friends? - Harry Veall
  2. Which airship passed over Capel in 1930? - R101
  3. Who saw the airship from his window? - Frank Thirkell
  4. What self-build plane failed to take off from FOG Rec? - Flying Flea
  5. Who is buried in the chancel of Capel Church? - Captain Leslie Martin


  1. What now illegal activity once took place at the George & Dragon? - Cock fighting
  2. Who painted the new mural in Goldsmid Hall? - Cecile Boswell-Brown
  3. What did Ernest Ford, William Adams, Alf Roberts & Ernie Hastie have in common? - They were all landlords of The Alders Inn (now The Dovecote) 
  4. Richard Wilson, founder of the Hoppers' Hospital, was Vicar of which London church? - St. Augustine's, Stepney
  5. In which year did the present Capel School open? - 1876


  1. Which family provided three vicars in the 19th century? - The Stapletons
  2. In whose memory were the gates to Capel Church installed? - Dorothy Pemble 
  3. What building was once the Rose and Crown? - Hoppers
  4. Whose impressive tomb stands in All Saints' chancel? - George Fane
  5. Where will you find 'The Sceal Room'? - Goldsmid Hall 


  1. What plane crashed on Moat Farm in 1950? - Gloster Meteor
  2. Who opened the War Memorial Cottages? - Col. F.S.W. Cornwallis
  3. What building was named in memory of Tom Tolhurst? - The FOG cricket pavilion
  4. Under what type of tree was Thomas Becket said to have preached? - Yew
  5. Who designed the windows in All Saints, Tudeley? - Marc Chagall 


  1. In what year was the Goldsmid Hall opened? - 1897
  2. Who were landlord & landlady of the Alders Inn (later the Dovecote) from 1953-1974? - Bert and Vera Allcorn
  3. What prehistoric bones were discovered in Whetsted in 1985? - Mammoth tooth and tusk and Irish Elk jawbone
  4. Where will you find a memorial to Thomas Stydolf? - All Saints, Tudeley
  5. A coat of arms hangs in Capel Church. Whose? - King George II


  1. In whose memory was the East Window of Capel Church installed? - Captain Leslie Martin
  2. Who piloted the aeroplane which landed in fog in FOG in 1911? - Lt. Charles Samson
  3. When was the URC's foundation stone laid? - 10th June 1908
  4. What formerly occupied the site of Redwood Close? - An isolation hospital (later an old people's home)
  5. Where was the first Capel School? - In Church Lane, adjacent to St. Thomas a Becket Church


  1. Who was Charles Fiddis? - A previous Headmaster of Capel School
  2. With what industry was the Postern area associated? - Iron
  3. What happened at Capel Church in 1639? - It was struck by lightning and the tower collapsed
  4. Who or what was Hannibal? - An aeroplane which made a forced landing in Tudeley in August 1931
  5. As what is the roundabout at the bottom of Colt's Hill locally known? - Dampier's Corner