Bryan More, 83 and Jane More, 80

Are you surprised the pandemic has lasted this long and with such devastating effect ? 

We weren't too sure what to expect but didn't envisage being in three lockdowns and actually hoped we would be in "some sort of normal" by Christmas 2020.

Why do you think it has been so widespread here and globally ?

Probably because so many people move around the world and around our own country - we take this movement for granted, or have done until now.

How well do you think the crisis has been handled ?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We can all say what we think should have been done but no one has had to deal with any sort of pandemic since the horrendous flu epidemic of 1918.

What lessons do you think we can learn ?

Try to think of others and do our utmost to follow advice.

What has been your biggest challenge over the last year ?

Do you really want to know ? Not being able to visit the hairdresser or browse in a bookshop !

What has been your worst and best moment (s) ?

Haven't really experienced worst moments, only disappointing ones i.e. being unable to meet friends at village activities or visiting Capel Church for regular door opening/closing and occasional services held there. Also, being unable to go to exercise class and Methodist Church at Sevenoaks, although did so briefly from July-October 2020. Jane's best moment was celebrating her 80th birthday, as described in Capel Confined 2020.

What has helped you keep you going ?

Sense of humour and being in our small family bubble of three. We meet up at "Tea Pot time" for a cuppa; also watch '70/'80s DVDs of "The Professionals" and "Robin Hood." We'll soon be watching "The Dukes of Hazzard" and maybe "I Didn't Know You Cared" !!

Who are your heroes in all this ?

Obviously, NHS workers and those responsible for organising the flu and and Coronavirus vaccinations. But we also really appreciate those working in shops in Paddock Wood and Pembury and the shop in Five Oak Green, not forgetting, postmen, dustmen, delivery drivers and our midnight milkman !

Any other comments ?

This has been a time to appreciate all our friends, old and new, to renew friendships, to meet new friendly people -- and their dogs when we walk round Five Oak Green Recreation Ground. What a wonderful children's playground has been built there. We count ourselves very lucky to live in their village, in our small family unit with a lovely garden and good neighbours (not to mention pets !).