Are you surprised the pandemic has lasted this long and with such devastating effect ?

Yes . I don't think we realised the scale of it at the start.

Why do you think it has been so widespread here and globally ?

Air and droplet spread and precautions not taken very seriously by some.

How well do you think the crisis has been handled ?

Mixed. The Vaccines are a great achievement but everything too late or too soon !

What lessons do you think we can learn ?

Govt. needs to be more decisive, consistent and stronger.

What has been your biggest challenge over the last year ?

Stagnation boredom and mental lethargy.

What has been your worst and best moment (s) ?

 Worst -- 3rd lockdown in the winter and stronger restriction on meeting outside; best --Support from family and friends.

What has helped you keep you going ?

Continual comfort and contact with friends .and my 80th birthday celebration !

Who are your heroes in all this ?

Apart from NHS, any public workers keeping everything going by carry on working in all essential areas. 

Any other comments?

Roll on Spring !