Age at time of lockdown? 59.

When did you first begin to realise that coronavirus was something out of the ordinary?

End of February.

When and how did it first impact you in a significant way?

From mid-March with restrictions on gym classes. 

What were the biggest problems with coping with lockdown and how did you manage?

I was very fortunate, although the gym had to close, I continued to work with my full time job and that was busier. I certainly didn't have any time to get bored.

Were there times you despaired?


What keeps you / kept you going?

Exercise, having children around, work.

What was your lowest moment?

For me there was no particularly low moment. I am concerned about the long term effect on the young and effect on the economy and the fact that a lot of people will lose their jobs and it will take a very long time to recover from this. And as a country our recovery will be slower than most other countries.

What was your best / funniest moment?

Dinner times with the kids (in their twenties)

Do you think the government is handling / handled the crisis satisfactorily?

No - it has been totally incompetent and people have died as a result and the economy has suffered more than it needed to.

Were you also affected by flooding on the night of February 9 and how have you coped with both problems?

Very slightly - fortunately didn't actually get in the house.