Name: Adrienne, over 60

When did you first begin to realise coronavirus was something out of the ordinary?

In mid-March.

When did it first impact you in a significant way

When I had to queue to get into Sainsburys at 7a.m.

In what way ?
My daughter lives inside the Arctic Circle and my son lives in the States. We have had a holiday in Italy cancelled and will not be able to visit the States this year due to restrictions.

How worried did you become and why?

I am not overly worried other than for the health of those who are vulnerable.

Are you still worried and why ?

No, I am more worried about the long term effects of the lockdown.

What were the biggest problems coping with lockdown ?

I felt I coped fairly well but then I do not go out to work and I do not have children at home, nor grandchildren.

How did you manage ?

Lots of walks.

Were there times when you despaired ?

When individuals felt that the rules did not apply to them.

What kept you (keeps you) going ?

What was your lowest moment ?
The extension of the original lockdown.

What was your best memory ?

Daughter visiting two weeks ago.

Do you think the government handled/is handling the crisis satisfactorily?

Hindsight being a most wonderful thing - I do not think any government could have handled it in a particular way, especially a government that was "new" to the job having only been elected in December. 

Were you also affected by flooding on the night of February 9?

No thankfully and feel very much for those who were